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colors in disguise: in disguise

3 Jul


once again one of my top electronic group continues their legitimacy with this remix album featuring some more of everyones favorites artists such as, crnkn, proper motion, rodway dubstep, laserdisk, crushedo, fisk, cry wolf, and many others.




lamborgini mercy…

20 May

….your chick she so thirsty…

so i was jammin’ the original to this track and found this incredibly well done video of lamborini’s in italy. fly cars and phat beats… so as i was continuing to get down on that song i found this mercy remix by triple six dubstep that just dropped two weeks ago cause it needed to be done. its tasteful.

when im small

7 May


mmmm an awesome remix done by RAC of phantogram‘s when im small…. good for counting sheep and getting those nice z’s as monday approaches. props to this song is sick…

phantogram – when im small (RAC remix)