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two pabst

5 Jun

whats kickin?

if you dig the music on this page then be sure to check my live mix featuring many songs from the sixohthreejams page. its a 30 minute session and filled with some banger parts! free download through the link below…

t dizz – two pabstĀ 


even if it isn’t right

8 May

hola amigos and amigas,

im hanging in the library getting down on some art history and pairing quite nicely is michal menert‘s new album even if it isn’t right. he’s definitely ranking number two for me on the pretty lights music label. his new album is very jazzy and has a very positive feel even during the grittier parts. also nice is that is an epic 27 songs long, a huge release for menert and its up for free download on pretty lights music website! so grip the whole album because it’s filled with a huge mix of different style jams from chillers to some real groovy tracks.

here is one of the tracks, winter’s end, to give you a nice preview of his upbeat style…