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3 Jun

Welcome To Waterville Estates
In the White Mountains of New Hampshire
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The Board of Directors, Management and Staff warmly welcome you to the Waterville Estates Association’s official website!

The purpose of this website is to keep our home owners and renters abreast of the latest happenings in our community. Here you will find information about the Community Center and all its facilities, and upcoming events calendar, policies, and special seasonal information.


extracurricular activities

25 Apr

hola amigos y amigas,

pretty exciting weekend caught a little live music, hung out with a bunch of cool people, and saw these creative tables!Image

soooo since i slacked on posting for a few days heres a couple nice new tracks! first an awesome heavy song that DAMIAN released FEATURING skrillex… I’m not a huge skrillex guy but this song is hot fiyah.


continuing on our SHOTTAS theme today, is the ZEDS DEAD – RUDEBOY remix, an oldie but a goodie.


again finna keep it rude… this one is outta the UK by a man named THE BUG on a track called SKENG. this certainly deserves a listen. “sight dem boy and wi kick off dem door, kick of dem door and wi run up wid the .44, you don’t wana see the .44 ”

song number four is a nice hour long drunk dub step mix created by yours truly while involved with some influences. its got a bit of everything so should keep the ears devastated until the next post…


tomorrow is saturday, right?

19 Apr

howdy bass heads,

what a wednesday. portions of the crew and i made our way down to boston last night for bassnectar at the house of blues last night. be sure to check out the live performance the next time his show comes near. snapped a iPhone photo…

p.s. thank you lorin for playing lights into laughter crescendo, it made my night. anyway, listen to my boy squirrel murphey aka jehr bear aka jehren aka a good homie in tahoe, mixing this bassnectar mashup

doses and mimosas

12 Apr

doses and mimosas, what more needs to be said?

but really… this is electro rock meets sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll

“i’m waking up, i’m skippin’ breakfast, i’m cracking a beverage…”

props to “the guy” for this one…

doses and mimosas – cherub