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colors in disguise: in disguise

3 Jul


once again one of my top electronic group continues their legitimacy with this remix album featuring some more of everyones favorites artists such as, crnkn, proper motion, rodway dubstep, laserdisk, crushedo, fisk, cry wolf, and many others.




new AC set

18 Jun

free download on a huge set of new adventure club remixes plus all the singles that have already dropped…. peep it on the adventure club soundcloud.

we don’t eat… great track… peep 8)

crush mode

7 Jun

heres an oldie but a goodie. the glitch mob created crush mode in 2009 and was monumental in electronic music. super high energy and pioneering styles of glitch hop electronic at the time. so heres the link below…

out california way… i heard they got some internet…

1 Jun

greetings web shredders,

i recently moved and have been stranded of my usual music searching and blogging, so in turn here are some jams that have been released during this post drought.

NUMERO UNO is the new remix by adventure club of the yeah yeah yeahs track maps. the AC mix is called wait and chops up a great melody. shout out to the guy for hosting this on his soundcloud.

adventure club – wait

DOS: the newest to the pretty lights music team eliot lipp just released his first album on the label. the entire album is up for free download as usual on pretty lights music website. the name of the album is shark – wolf – rabbit – snake.

eliot lipp – shark – wolf – rabbit – snake

TRES: star gang affiliate moufy just released the preparation mixtape to get summer going. moufy is a boston kid with a furious flow, haha. check him out.

moufy – the preparation mixtape

FOUR: here is a electro house mix of the funeral by band of horses. sound remedy takes a ballad and really gives it some nice wavy rhythms.

band of horses – the funeral (sound remedy remix)

cut me off

20 May


the goyte ft. kimbra track somebody that i used to know has seen huge amounts of popularity amongst everyone from dj’s to the mainstream. sooo now here is the hip hop sample. cam meekins gets down on his track cut me off with some very relaxed flow that reminds me a little of earl sweatshirt.  i like what they did with the chorus sample especially, very mellow alternative. and kid is from boston! check it out… FREE DOWNLOAD through the soundcloud link below.

cam meekins – cut me off 

also check the video. got a nice humorous twist… even a snooki cameo…

lamborgini mercy…

20 May

….your chick she so thirsty…

so i was jammin’ the original to this track and found this incredibly well done video of lamborini’s in italy. fly cars and phat beats… so as i was continuing to get down on that song i found this mercy remix by triple six dubstep that just dropped two weeks ago cause it needed to be done. its tasteful.